Henkel L.A: 7 Floor Academy Interiors

M-L Studio partnered with Henkel Schwarzkopf to create hair inspired line work that adorned the new 6 floored glass panelled, ‘state-of-the-art’, haircare facility in Los Angeles.


For the long awaited state of the art’s development in LA’s Culver City, we developed an interior coverage design stretching throughout a seven floor building housing the globe’s top hair brands.

Work was designed for purpose.  We focussed specifically on line designs which related to painted walls and glass and the environment they housed.   

To create a design to engage, interest, and naturally flow through the vast space, we consulted closely with global hair brand Henkel/Schwarzkopf alongside lead architectural agency Ware Malcome (insert link to agency) to bring our large scale project to life. 

For a space that held a lab, an academy, meeting rooms and offices; each required different levels of visibility. 


Over 60 glass walls across seven floors at varying sizes were covered with our intricate line work and designs, taking into careful consideration the usage and environment of each space. 


Henkel Schwarzkopf LA


Hair & Beauty




Ware Malcombe

Project team

Infuse Installation team