Wacom Intuos: M-L S Film & Mural

Film production, location art working and boutique mural installation to support Wacom Paper Intuos, graphic tablet release

With this project we wanted digital art to inform traditional painting in illustrating the concept of idea expansion through the nature of scale.

Our second partnership with Wacom centred around the innovative laptop free mobile graphics tablet, Intuos Paper Edition which allowed you to switch from paper and pen to digital tablet and stylus effortlessly without the need of a workstation.

Really wanting to explore this limitless sketchbook tool, we took the tablet out of the everyday studio environment and into the unpredictable city in flux. The idea was to present this exercise as the perfect set-up for creative play and fresh idea generation.

The video co-produced with Martyn Thomas sees ML founder Joanna live drawing in various London locations finding and capturing inspiration.

Documented on an iPhone , we slowly captured a wealth of line, drawing, photos and notes from a wet and soggy day around London parks, cafes, markets and museums.

As the video progresses you see that the initial location sketches, photographs and digital designs are studies for a larger than life interior wall mural and window painting in Notting Hill boutique, One Vintage (link to boutique page here).


Using the kit for live drawing to instantly convert digital files at ML studio formed the basis of a beautifully painted interior for the One Vintage Notting Hill Boutique, where we showcased a project detailing bird and flora. 

With respected artist Joanna known for merging both traditional and digital methods endorsing through interactive social content, perceived ideas were expanded and new traditional artbased customers were converted to the new product




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DOP: Martyn Thomas

Project team

Interior Collaboration: One Vintage, Marcelle Symons